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Armor Mechanical pipefitters specialize in repairs, maintenance, and installation of steam, compressed gas, vacuum, and process piping systems. Our crews are experts at assembling, installing, and repairing pipes, valves, and fittings of all compositions along with steam and condensate systems. We can determine defects in heating, water, and drainage systems in industrial or commercial facilities. Armor Mechanical pipefitters measure, cut, thread, bend, and install piping for your equipment installation and pipefittings on backflow preventers and vacuums.

  • Flow Metering
  • Actuator Signaling
  • Tank Repair
  • Vales
  • Piping
  • Design Manifolds
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • Acid Argon

Pipefitting is the process of assembling, installing, and connecting pipes for various purposes such as plumbing, heating, cooling systems or industrial applications. It requires a combination of technical knowledge and physical skills to complete tasks safely and efficiently. Pipefitters must have an understanding of different types of piping materials and their properties in order to install them correctly. They must also be familiar with local building codes that dictate which type of pipe should be used in certain situations.

Since pipefitting involves working with many components including valves, fittings, flanges, elbows and couplings; it’s essential that pipefitters understand the principles behind each piece so they can properly join them together. This includes being able to measure accurately and cut pipes precisely according to plan specifications. In addition to these skills they must know how to use tools such as saws, wrenches and impact drivers appropriately when dealing with metal piping components like steel or copper tubes. To ensure quality control on all projects it’s important for pipefitters to test connections regularly using pressure testing equipment before sealing off joints permanently with solder or glue depending on material type.



Armor Mechanical has always gone above and beyond for the numerous projects I have worked with them on. From the bidding process to the quality of work, Armor Mechanical exceeds expectations and has my full recommendation.

Brandon O.
Property Manager, Mid-America Commercial Real Estate

Armor has been a key business partner for us on facilities and process improvement projects. They are always willing to go the extra mile to complete projects within very tight strategic timelines. They are never the bottleneck to waiting for the next step on a project. Very good people who are easy to work with.

David L.
Asset Reliability Engineer, Apex International

When faced with flooding waters from broken pipes or boilers offline, we can always count on Armor mechanical to be able to assist us in restoring our systems quickly and correctly.

Larry J.
Facilities Maintenance Manager, CommonBond Communities

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