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Armor Mechanical millwrights are skilled tradespeople who specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of industrial machinery. They work with a variety of tools and equipment to ensure that machines operate safely and reliably. Millwrights may be called upon to install new pieces of equipment or modify existing ones. They may also perform preventive maintenance tasks such as lubricating moving parts, adjusting belts and pulleys, tightening bolts, replacing worn parts, diagnosing problems with machinery, repairing structures such as conveyors or platforms, relocating heavy equipment from one area to another using cranes or hoists.

Millwright services include installations from scratch or modifications on existing systems/machinery. This includes assembling components like motors and pumps; connecting electrical wiring for power supplies; installing pneumatic piping systems; laying concrete foundations for large-scale industrial applications; erecting steel structural supports for production lines; setting up automated control systems; aligning shafts in gearboxes and other transmission assemblies. Millwrights must have a deep understanding of mechanical principles so they can correctly assemble different types of machines according to their specifications.

Millwright Services:

  • Custom fabrication
  • Machinery and heavy equipment installation
  • Rigging and erecting
  • Optical and laser alignment
  • Material handling and storage installation
  • Conveyors and monorails
  • Bridge and Jib Cranes
  • Welding
  • Plant relocation and retrofits
  • Pump alignment
  • Machinery moving and modifications
  • Plant shutdowns & maintenance


Armor Mechanical has always gone above and beyond for the numerous projects I have worked with them on. From the bidding process to the quality of work, Armor Mechanical exceeds expectations and has my full recommendation.

Brandon O.
Property Manager, Mid-America Commercial Real Estate

Armor has been a key business partner for us on facilities and process improvement projects. They are always willing to go the extra mile to complete projects within very tight strategic timelines. They are never the bottleneck to waiting for the next step on a project. Very good people who are easy to work with.

David L.
Asset Reliability Engineer, Apex International

When faced with flooding waters from broken pipes or boilers offline, we can always count on Armor mechanical to be able to assist us in restoring our systems quickly and correctly.

Larry J.
Facilities Maintenance Manager, CommonBond Communities

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